Schools Program

An accompanying course designed to go alongside full-time education or Homeschooling.

What Is It?

Our School Programme is an accompanying course designed to go alongside full-time education or Homeschooling. Students will work on Digital and Creative Industries projects which can be tailored to their individual interests.

This can be useful as an enrichment or engagement tool as the course has a relaxed environment to support the student through their own project – focusing on their learning progression from beginning the course. The sessions are structured differently to classroom learning and may prove beneficial to students who do not respond well to the usual learning structure.

The course also gives students the opportunity to gain a level 1 certificate in Interactive media.

Who Is It For?

This programme is suitable for students aged 14-19 in education or homeschooled, who need or want additional support towards their favoured topics within the digital and creative industries. It is a great enrichment tool to accompany full time education and offers an encouraging setting for students who thrive in a different learning environment.

We have classes for a selection of different age groups with relevant resources and session types for each age range.

How does it work?

The course is done via weekly sessions that the student attend to complete project work. All of the work required is course work that goes towards your qualification, meaning there are no stressful exams at the end of the course.

Each session goes through aspects of the digital and creative industry with the intention of a final project being created by the students. This will help them gain the level 1 certificate that is attached to the course.

Sessions are diverse and interesting, with themes matching the interests of the students and a variety of fun projects that can be tailored to the students’ specialisms.

How Long Does It Last?

The course has one session per week which takes place from 10:00 until 14:00 and lasts for 12 weeks.

Guided Learning hours are approximately 48 hrs  (4 hrs per session, once per week, for 12 weeks)

Where and When?


Online sessions via zoom that students can log into from school or from home.

Face to Face

Face to Face sessions can be arranged for cohorts of students.

One to One

One to one support can also be arranged for students that request additional help.


Per Session, Per Student

Discounted packages for larger cohorts can be discussed on an individual basis

What Can You Expect?

Weekly Sessions – Students will get weekly sessions that build to the creation of a student’s project.

Level One QualificationSome activities will need to be completed in the student’s own time for the level 1 qualification attached.

One-To-One SupportOne to one support offered to students that require it, and out of sessions contact can be arranged for support if required.

Specialist Sessions1 day per-week of sessions that support your specialist interest focused on student progression for a supportive and enriching environment, with no final exams are needed.

Benefits and Outcomes

Enrichment Activities

 No Exams

Creative Project Based on Student Interests

One to One Support When Requested