About Start Liverpool

Just who are we and what can we do for you?

Who are We?

Start Liverpool is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of our young people and making it easier for anyone to start on a new career path.

For Children

We work with children aged 5 to 16 to support them with Maths, English, Coding and Music. Studies have shown that additional support in these areas can have a positive impact on a young persons future

For Young People & Adults

The staff at our innovative and creative education department, Start Education, are driven and dedicated to supporting all of their students.

We hope to give people the space and the tools to discover more about being creative with tech.

Hub courses

Our adult creative courses at The Hub are designed to engage the local communities, showcasing all the difference aspects of art and creative processes, which can be developed into a career or taken up as a new hobby or leisure activity.

All of our courses and programmes work with local organisations to show how art, design and creative industries link to the world of work. We have strong relationships with Make a Difference Marketing, MADM Academy and Multiko who all work with local businesses and freelancers.